About Qingdao Kainon Boiler Environmental Protection Technology Co. Ltd

Our Company

Qingdao Kainon Boiler Environmental Protection Technology Co. Ltd is one of the largest marine boiler manufacturers worldwide. Since the year 1999, our company has been focusing on manufacturing heating surface tubes, marine boilers and pressure vessels. The quality and dependability of our products ensure that they serve the purpose effectively as long as they are maintained efficiently. As we are well aware of the changing environmental requirements, our consistent practice in the areas of innovation and technology always focus on delivering optimum results to our customers.

Qingdao Kainon Boiler Environmental Protection Technology Co. Ltd has been establishing and nurturing relations with more than 160 clients across the globe. Our strong relationships with business partners in Russia, Korea, Dubai, Singapore, countries in Northern Europe, etc. have proliferated trade and commerce with customers from all over the world. Additionally, we partner with various universities, such as Dalian University of Technology, Shanxi University of Science and Technology, Shandong University and Xi’an Jiaotong University. Together, we formulate different ideas that optimize the technology we produce.


Our Products

The products we manufacture include heating surface tubes (Pin, finned, steel H, etc.), exhaust boilers for marine (vertical boilers, horizontal boilers, composite boilers), pressure vessels and marine economizers. All of our manufactured products meet the standards of being the most durable, dependable and efficient. They ensure the lowest life cycle costs. We design and engineer our products to satisfy our customers’ specific requirements.

Our products are manufactured in accordance with - the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Bureau Veritas (BV), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Germanischer Lloyd (GL), Lloyd’s Register of Shipping (LR), China Classification Society (CCS), etc. Many provinces in China use our products as we manufacture and strive to consistently introduce new, high-efficiency products. In addition, around 50 top universities in China employ our products that have been awarded many honorary titles.

Our Employees

Our team has many years of experience in the boiler industry. There are more than 230 employees working at Kainon Boiler, and among them more than 50 are engineers and technicians. Our engineering department has the ability to digitally design marine boilers for optimum performance, rather than relying on standard designs that haven’t been changed in many years.

Our manufacturing department is extremely versatile. The manufacturing site occupies about 7.3 hectares with more than 300 units of production equipment, supporting 10 welding production lines for pin tube and 12 welding production lines for steel H fin tube. Some engineers focus on developing heating tubes which undergo severe tests before they are finally configured for manufacturing. The annual output of enhanced pin tube heat transfer component is more than 3600 tons, and that of enhanced H fin tube heat transfer component is 8500 tons.

Qingdao Kainon Boiler Environmental Protection Technology Co. Ltd have largest marine boiler manufacturing Labs