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September 2, 2016
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Double H Finned Tube
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Double H Finned Tube

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Kainon H  Finned Tube is an enhanced heat transfer tube that arrange at the end of smoke pipe, it is designed for recovery the heat of the marine’s engine. H  Finned Tube can fully use waste heat, and improve fuel efficiency with energy conservation. The main feature of Kainon H  Finned Tube are:

  1. We are using hedge welding technology to put fins on the tube surface.
  2. Using many serrated on fins welded touching area, solid welding and well distributed on heating surface, well shape on fillet weld leg with smooth surface. There is no any slag, air hole, overlap, the penetration rate reach to 97%.


Kainon double H fin tube using separate structure on the easy fouling area.It is the improved type of rifle fin tube. It get over weakness that rifle fin tube have,like easy fouling, ash blocking and high gas resistance. Other than that, the Kainon double H fin tube is using cantilever structure, pulse stream can vibrates fins and make dust cleaning more easier.

On the one hand, expanding heating surface can increase the thermal conductivity. On the other hand, the expanded heating surface unit has self cleaning function, it can slow down dust doposit, block and attrit the heating surface. More important, reduce abrasion of the heating surface can expand life expectancy even longer, it keeps boiler running safety and effectiveness.


The Kainon fin tube using three point welding technology. The raw materials of the Kainon are 20# steel and ND steel, those materials have low carbon content and impurity content. Therefore, weld on Kainon fin tube have high quality because of the excellent weldability of the material,

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